LATEST: British soap actor Steve Mcfadden's ex-girlfriend ANGELA BOSTOCK has been cautioned for allegedly assaulting him, just hours after his onscreen brother Ross Kemp was assaulted by his newspaper editor wife.

Police have yet to connect the two incidents.

Officers were called to McFadden's home in north London at 9.35am (GMT) - five hours after The Sun newspaper editor Rebekah Wade was arrested for assaulting Kemp at their south London residence.

Wade has since been released without charge by police.

Bostock, the mother of two of McFadden's children, made a series of lurid tabloid allegations about the actor earlier this year (05).

McFadden, 46, and Kemp, 41, play hardman brothers PHIL and GRANT MITCHELL in popular BBC soap opera Eastenders. They only recently returned to the show after lengthy breaks.