Steve Martin, the 65-year-old comedian and star of 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles', has spoken about his journey to becoming a writer, saying he has 'suffered' to get it where he is now, reports Reuters. Martin recently released his new novel 'An Object of Beauty', the follow up to his 2007 book, 'The Pleasure of My Company'.
Speaking about his latest effort, which follows the story of a New York art dealer, the comedian said, "If I had tried to write it 20 years ago, I would have suffered. I suffered a long time to get to where I am, to be able to write it, sort of knowingly, and have the confidence to write it". However, the actor says that being a movie star helps the process of writing a novel as he doesn't have to sell the concept before starting it, adding, "I always know I can put it in the trash" .
After breaking into the entertainment world in the 1970's with stand-up appearances on Saturday Night Live, Martin began staring in blockbuster comedies, and admits he knew that he wanted to act from then on, saying, "Once I started doing it, it was the only thing I wanted to do".