Funnyman Steve Martin resisted the urge to recreate a pivotal scene in his 2003 movie Bringing Down The House on U.S. Tv on Wednesday (30Oct13) when he refused to grab co-star Queen Latifah's breasts.

The comic was left red faced when Latifah stood up and demanded he "Grab 'em" after showing the scene, in which he fondled her boobs, during his appearance as a guest on her talk show.

Married Martin squirmed awkwardly and pretended his hands were too arthritic to reach out, prompting Latifah to state, "Don't worry, I will explain this to your wife."

The funnyman quipped, "At the time, I was single and that was the highlight of my year!"

Latifah used Martin's appearance on her show to sell him on the idea of a sequel to the film, asking him to read out fan responses to her thoughts about a follow-up.