Hollywood funnyman Steve Martin is on a desperate search for love after a series of heartbreaks.

The BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE star, 57, who divorced his actress wife Victoria Tennant in 1994 after eight years of marriage, admits life as a bachelor is far from ideal.

He says, "If I could find the right lady, I would definitely get married again. I love the idea of being married. The problem is finding the right person."

Martin, who dated actress Anne Heche before she embarked on a lesbian affair with ELLEN DeGENERES, continues, "I've cried over ended relationships. Breaking up with someone you love is as torturous for men as it is for women. We are all fragile. We all cry."

The actor says his ideal woman is someone who has a great sense of humour.

He adds, "As long as a woman can laugh with me, I don't care if she's a blonde, brunette or whatever."

02/05/2003 09:05