The Pink Panther star, who is an avid art collector, previewed The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris on Friday (11Mar16) and the exhibition officially opened at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday (12Mar16).

"This collection of Harris's has never been together before," Martin said on Friday. "This is his cream of the crop, as far as I'm concerned, from the period we're dealing with."

Steve was asked to curate the show by Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin, but he was initially reluctant to take on the task. However, he ultimately accepted the offer because he felt it was important to showcase Lawren's work in America.

"My first instinct was, 'Of course not'," he continued. "I thought about it overnight, and I thought, 'That's an interesting proposition.' He is about the only artist I could conceive of curating. Because most of his masterpieces all in Canada are known, they're unknown in America. And I happen to have a love (for) him, and a connection to Canada."

"It's also a very physical pursuit, a very emotional pursuit," he added. "Looking at paintings, deciding if it's worthy of the show, traveling across Canada like we did."