Stars including Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah and Billy Ray Cyrus were left worried after Los Angeles experienced a second earthquake within two weeks.

The city was hit by almost two dozen aftershocks from a 5.1 magnitude earthquake which hit Orange County in California on Friday evening (28Mar14), only 11 days after a 4.4 magnitude tremor struck the region.

The disaster caused less damage in Los Angeles but celebrities still took to their accounts to share their concerns.

Funnyman Steve Martin took a humorous approach by writing, "It is my personal mission to level out every wall photo thrown askew by La Habra's 5.3 (5.1) earthquake."

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus adds, "I felt the earth move !!!", Bridesmaids actress Rebel Wilson joked, "I thought my butt was spasm-ing... turns out: just another earthquake", while Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr writes, "Did anyone feel that?... I know I did... Whattttt? (sic)"

Sisters Jackie and Joan Collins were at dinner were they felt the aftershocks but would not let it ruin their evening. Joan wrote on her page, "Just sat through 5.3 (5.1) earthquake in La during dinner, life is never boring. We just went on eating," and Jackie added once she arrived home, "They're saying we have to be prepared but be prepared for what? Still after shocks occurring. Will try to sleep!!"

Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah used the tremors to make an anti-fracking statement, believing the earthquake was caused by the controversial gas extraction method.

She wrote, "2 more earthquakes in Southern California tonight - why take the risk? #StopFracking," and musician Moby took a similar approach, writing, "I can't help but think we caused the earthquake."