Steve Martin urged PINK PANTHER 2 producers to write in an unlikely wedding for his bumbling INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU into the script - because all his films that end with a marriage have been hits.
Clouseau weds Emily Mortimer's character Nicole in the new comedy after funnyman Martin got his way.
He says, "I said, 'I have to tell you that every movie I've done that ends in a wedding or holding a baby has been a hit.'
"I do believe we've taken the Pink Panther somewhere else and, in a sense, made it our own."
And Martin, who is the fourth actor to play Clouseau on screen, already has an idea for the start of Pink Panther 3.
He adds, "It would obviously open with Clouseau's honeymoon - him taking Nicole across the threshold and she's wearing arm pads and a helmet!"