Revered hitmaker Steve Lillywhite has added his name to the list of potential Simon Cowell replacements on American Idol, insisting he wants to find the next ELVIS.
The Grammy Award-winning producer, who has worked with U2, the Dave Matthews Band and the Rolling Stones, among others, wants to be the hit talent show's next tough-talking Brit.
The New York-based music mogul has hired an agent and publicist specifically to help him land the job Cowell will be vacating in May (10). He has also posted a resume video on
Lillywhite tells, "I think I have the right credentials. I'm quite effervescent. I'm quite opinionated. I'm funny. I can do this job. If people say, 'Oh, you're just a rock producer,' I'm not. I'm a pop producer because pop music is popular music. I'd like to think a lot of the things I do are popular."
And, further selling himself as the right man for the job, the producer adds, "I don't run a business or anything like that, so when I'm not in the studio I'm not doing anything... I would be perfect for just putting everything aside for six months. I would really scour the country and find some great nuggets."
Lillywhite, who is currently producing the new Evanescence album, already has a history with Idol's judges - he's a longtime acquaintance of Cowell's and once produced Randy Jackson when he played bass on Aretha Franklin's cover of the Rolling Stones' Jumping Jack Flash.