Steve Jones has rubbished rumors he is dating The X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger following her split from Formula One boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. The 34-year-old has been linked to number of Hollywood beauties, but claims the latest speculation is unfounded.
Speaking to The Daily Beast, Jones conceded he was friends with Nicole but that a relationship was news to him, saying, "Scherzinger! No. I did not know that.We were just texting each other about the show last night. She never mentioned that we were seeing each other". The Welsh television presenter, who was the surprise choice to front Simon Cowell's new US show ahead of UK host Dermot O Leary, added, "That's ridiculous. We have a definite brother and sister thing going on". Jones also took the opportunity to play down speculation of a rift between himself and judge Paula Abdul after cutting her off during a live broadcast - the songwriter appeared to react angrily, but Jones explained, "When I interrupted Paula she wasn't mad at me.It was a two-hour show and we've got to get through it otherwise we'll literally fade to black and won't have any conclusions and we can't have that". The former model has in the past been linked to Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Halle Berry and reportedly once asked Angelina Jolie out on a date during a celebrity interview.
The X Factor Usa has maintained solid viewing figures despite a shaky start that saw it languishing behind network competition. Rachel Crow and young rapper Astro are tipped for success on the debut season.