Steve Jones is to become a permanent host on 'Entertainment Tonight'.

The Welsh TV star is reportedly being lined up to replace Mark Steines on the US show after hosting the first American series of 'The X Factor' last year.

Steve been filling in on 'ET' since March, and sources tell the New York Post newspaper he is set to sign a permanent deal to make him a full-time co-host alongside Nancy O'Dell.

Mark is quitting the series after appearing on it for 17 years, however, representatives from the show said: ''Nothing has been confirmed.''

Steve has proved himself a worthy interviewer, who is not afraid to ask difficult questions, after he tried to ask Megan Fox about rumours she was pregnant earlier this month leading her to cut their chat short.

Steve managed to bring up the subject that Megan and Brian Austin Green might be expecting while asking her about her favourite gadget.

He said: ''Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants? A baby.''

She replied: ''A baby? Oh, I know where you're going with this?''

Steve then attempted to ask the actress if she is expecting, but she didn't react well.

She retorted: ''You hear the grumbles ... No, no.''

A publicist then reportedly could be heard asking him to end the question and answer session, prompting the presenter to politely terminate it for the camera.

He said: ''Either way, Megan, it was a pleasure talking to you.''