Steve Jones's dramatic exit during a taping of Piers Morgan's TV show last month (Sep11) was a prank.
The Welsh TV presenter, who is currently hosting the U.S. version of Simon Cowell's hit series The X Factor, shot a pre-recorded chat for Piers Morgan Tonight in September (11).
Subsequent reports suggested Jones had stormed off angrily mid-way through the interview after Morgan began quizzing the hunk about his Lothario reputation.
Jones fuelled the rumours by writing on his page, "For the record I'm not ashamed to admit I stormed off Piers Morgan Tonight. His line of questing (sic) was highly offensive."
The CNN show aired on Thursday night (06Oct11) and it has now emerged the feud was one big joke - as the interview drew to a close, Jones asked Morgan, "Can I ask you a huge favour? I've always wanted to do this, and I've seen it done on this show before. Can I storm off? You've got to offend me first... let's say my hair's stupid or something."
The former newspaper editor then ridiculed his guest over the size of his manhood, leading to Jones jokingly putting his earpiece on the desk, saying, "Do you know what? Do you think I haven't got better things to do than sit around here?"
He then walked off as Morgan laughed at his exit.