Punk icon Steve Jones has sparked a new feud with his Sex Pistols bandmate Glen Matlock, revealing he's sick of hearing the bassist boast about writing the band's early songs.
Jones and Matlock were part of the group that became the Pistols but the guitarist was glad to see his bandmate move on when Malcolm MCLaren became their manager and the bassist was replaced by Sid Vicious.
Matlock has since returned to the band for reunion concerts but Jones tells Hustler magazine he has never been fond of the "middle-class mommy's boy".
He tells the publication, "As much as he likes claiming he wrote God Save The Queen, Anarchy in The U.K. and Pretty Vacant, at the time he hated the words, which John (Lydon) wrote. Glen's mom didn't like it... He was a bit of a middle-class mommy's boy, really (and) Sid looked the part.
"We wrote all the songs when Glen was in the band, but as far as the chemistry goes? I liked Sid... Glen's attitude? He was a bit of a w**ker, to be honest with you.
"I'm tired of Glen Matlock saying he was the songwriter for the Sex Pistols. I co-wrote as many songs... but I don't go shouting about it. (I'm a) modest songwriter. Every time I read it, it bugs me. If he was such a great songwriter, where are the songs after the Sex Pistols? It's just annoying."