The widow of charismatic TV naturalist Steve Irwin broke down in tears on American TV last night (10JAN07) when she described how her children were coping without their beloved father. Terri Irwin appeared on the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno and wept as she recalled the difficult days following the CROCODILE HUNTER star's death last September (06) from a stingray barb to the chest. She also discussed how kids BINDI and BOB were dealing with the tragedy. Earlier today (11JAN07) Terri appeared on the Ellen Degeneres SHOW where she confessed she often felt her marriage with the late conservationist was a figment of her imagination. She said, "It ebbs and it flows and I tell you, sometimes I expect him to walk in the door, and other times I just think it's like one of those really good movies that you want to remember. "Sometimes you think, 'I'm not remembering all the last 14 years,' but I think that's just a protection device." Terri added her husband had never been worried about death, recalling, "Steve was never afraid for his own mortality. Countless times he has said to me, 'Okay, now I can die. This is the most incredible thing I've ever done, now I can die,' and then we'd go and swim with the manatees, and then he'd go, 'Okay, now I can die.'"