LATEST: Steve Irwin's widow TERRI is reportedly "devastated" by an episode of controversial TV cartoon South Park that pokes fun at the late CROCODILE HUNTER. Terri, 42, is said to be worried that Irwin's children BINDI, eight, and BOB, two, will see the show, which portrays the late star with a stingray sticking out of his chest less than two months after he died. Last night (27OCT06), Australian TV channel SBS said it is planning to air the episode in Australia next year (07) or in 2008. It has already been shown in the US. A friend of Irwin's widow says, "Terri is devastated Steve is being mocked in such a cruel way. Her worry is that Bindi and Bob will see it and break down. "Steve had as big a sense of humour as anyone, but this goes too far too soon." British TV naturalist MARK AMEY, 44, who worked alongside Irwin, backed the sentiments, saying, "My message to people is don't watch the show. It's distasteful s**t. Let's hope none of Steve's fans who keep poisonous animals happen to find the addresses of those behind the show and leave them a nice surprise." Irwin was killed by a stingray barb off the coast of Queensland, Australia on 4 September (06) while filming a segment for his daughter's new TV show.