Steve Irwin's widow made an emotional appearance at Britain's National Television Awards last night (31OCT06) when she stood in for her late husband to pay tribute to naturalist SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH. Wearing the CROCODILE HUNTER's trademark khaki, Terri Irwin was reduced to tears as she recalled how her husband's work had been influenced by the veteran British presenter, who was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the London ceremony. She said, "I promised I wasn't going to cry. But I'm especially pleased to be here, because if there's one person that directly inspired my husband it's this man." Attenborough returned the compliment by paying tribute to Irwin's own work, saying, "He taught them (his audience) how wonderful and exciting (nature) was. He was a born communicator." Terri's appearance at the event marked her first public engagement outside Australia since her husband's tragic death in September (06). She was given a standing ovation.