LATEST: CROCODILE HUNTER star Steve Irwin has won the support of his bosses at an American TV network, after staging a dangerous New Year's Day (01JAN04) stunt with his one month-old baby son.

The animal expert-turned TV star dangled his baby under his arm while he fed crocodiles at an Australian zoo. He then walked tot BOB dangerously close to another reptile's mouth - prompting outrage from parents who saw the stunt on TV.

But DISCOVERY NETWORKS president Billy Campbell is refusing to join the backlash against Irwin, who hosts his show on the company's cable station ANIMAL PLANET.

Campbell says, "We're supporting him. We will continue to air the show. He has apologised, he said he's not going to do it again, and he's incredibly remorseful."

08/01/2004 21:23