LATEST: TV naturalist Steve Irwin's public memorial service will take place at his beloved 'Crocoseum' at Queensland's Australia Zoo, his widow reveals. The announcement is the first public comment TERRI has made since her husband was tragically killed by a stingray barb in the chest last Monday (04SEP06). Much larger venues were initially suggested for the public send-off to accommodate the overwhelming outpouring of grief his death has prompted around the globe. However, Terri insists the zoo Irwin's father set up is the most fitting venue for the reptile wrestler's memorial. She said in a statement, "I cannot see how a memorial service would work in any other place other than the Crocoseum which he built here at the zoo and of which he was so proud. "I would therefore ask that everyone please bear with me in this wish and help me to make this happen." The public memorial will take place on Wednesday (20SEP06). Terri, Irwin's eight-year-old daughter BINDI, his father BOB and his friend and manager John Stainton will all speak. The event will be broadcast live on television across Australia, the United States and Asia. Australian country singer JOHN WILLIAMSON, one of Irwin's favourite performers, will perform. A private funeral took place at the zoo on Saturday (09SEP06) after his family turned down Prime Minister John Howard's offer of a state funeral.