Furious family and friends of late conservationist Steve Irwin have launched a stinging attack on an Australian man for snapping up his daughter's domain name to allegedly profit from the CROCODILE HUNTER's death. Wayne Smith, a former volunteer at Irwin's Australia Zoo, bought bindiirwin.com on the pretext of dedicating the site to the grieving eight year old. But he's been slammed for the website motive and its contents, which include links to several anti-Israel and other politically charged sites. Irwin's former manager and close pal John Stainton insists its disgusting and inappropriate to associate the child with political propaganda. But Smith retorts, "The main reason I purchased it was to keep it out of the hands of advertising agencies. "Another reason I purchased it was because I knew that it would draw a lot of visitors and I enjoy running message boards. "I'm also a wildlife enthusiast who once worked at Australia Zoo as a volunteer with the Crocodile Team." Smith has been forced to sign over ownership of the domain name to the Irwin family. Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray barb last month (SEP06) while he swam off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.