Late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has reached out to his family through celebrity psychic John Edward. Irwin died in September 2006 when he was stabbed in the heart with a stingray barb. His grieving widow Terri and father Bob asked Edward to travel to Australia for a seance - and they believe he contacted Irwin. Bob says, "There's no doubt that Steve was with us. There was a definite Steve energy that's unmistakable." Terri adds, "John doesn't have all the answers but he gives beautiful glimpses that loved ones we've lost are doing well. "I know Steve's gone but in some way he's still here. I feel him. I sense him. That's very nice and comforting." The couple's children Bindi, nine, and four-year-old Robert were banned from the seance ceremony because Terri feared they would be traumatised by it.