American comedians D.L. HUGHLEY and Steve Harvey have played down reports late pal Bernie Mac offended U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama during a stand-up show.
MAC was told by Obama to "clean up (his) act" after joking about menopause and sexual infidelity during a fundraiser in Chicago, Illinois last month (Jul08).
But MAC's Kings of Comedy pals deny Obama was upset by his comments and crude language.
Speaking to talk show host Larry King as part of a special Tribute to Bernie MAC show, Harvey says, "He made no apologies for being Bernie MAC.
"I mean respect a cat that's a man's man. This is how he did his thing all these years. He made millions like this. Now, you know, people may say that wasn't the time or place. But it was Bernie MAC's time and Bernie MAC's place. And that's how he looked at it."
Hughley adds, "Obama is a politician. And they're pretty much going to say what they need to say at whatever time. Bernie was - he didn't have a season. He did what he did."
MAC died on Saturday (09Aug08) aged 50 after losing his battle with pneumonia.