The musician, 54, who is noted for his collaborations with stars including Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Shane MACGowan and Mark Knopfler, first revealed he was suffering from the disease in May (16).

Last week (end31Jul16) he underwent a major operation to remove cancerous cells from his pancreas and bowel.

However in a philosophical blog post after his surgery, he revealed that surgeons had been unable to remove the cancer and that his diagnosis was now terminal.

"The operation has left a pretty big scar," he wrote. "Once they opened me up the surgeons found that they could do nothing to remove the cancer, and they discovered some more. Very bad news for me, and really the worst case scenario."

He went on to write that he would attempt to make the most of the time he had left and was not afraid of dying.

"So what now?..." The musician added. "I want to use my time to fix the things I can and put as much love as I can into the world before the boatman rows me across the big river. I'm not afraid. We all have to face this one day."

Bap, born Martin Christopher Kennedy, fronted the band Energy Orchard from 1987 to 1996, a rock group who incorporated traditional Irish folk music into their songwriting.

After leaving the band the musician received an offer from country legend Steve Earle to produce his first solo album and travelled to Nashville, Tennessee, where they recorded his acclaimed record Domestic Blues.

As a solo artist he has been a sought after collaborator for a number of big names, working with Van Morrison and Shane MACGowan on his 2005 album The Big Picture, and teaming up with Dire Straits star Mark Knopfler for 2012's The Sailor's Revenge.

He revealed after his diagnosis he had received a wave of support from fans and old musical acquaintances.

"Old friends have come to see me in hospital and we all want to make music together again," he wrote. "People from everywhere have been telling me how much my music means to them. I didn't know. I didn't know how many people have been touched by my songs."

Bap signed off the heartfelt missive by writing, "From the bottom of my heart, thanks to everyone who has appreciated and supported my music over the years. Love never fails, Bap x."