Steve Davis is set for Glastonbury Festival this year.

The snooker legend is set to release his first ever album in September after forming The Utopia Strong with Kavus Torabi and Coil's Michael J York, and the trio will be performing at the iconic musical extravaganza later this month.

He's quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: ''The personal journey I've been on... with Kavus and Mike has been surreal.

''Probably more so than even the path that unfolded for me in snooker. That was pretty far out but this seems otherworldly.''

The 61-year-old star started his seemingly unlikely career as a DJ in 1996 when he front a weekly local radio show seven years after claiming his sixth world snooker title.

Steve and his bandmates unveiled debut single 'Brainsurgeons 3' - which clocks in at 10 minutes long - this week, ahead of their full LP later this year.

He said: ''The band evolved from having had so much fun together and also sharing similar musical tastes.

''Mike was living in Glastonbury where Kavus and I DJ'd in 2017. We all hung out together during the festival and the Utopia Strong was born. ''The name came later and I suppose reflects the fact that - once we'd jammed together and listened back to the improvising - the music felt pretty euphoric and otherworldly. It was very psychedelic but also strangely wonky.''

As well as playing the Crows Nest at Glastonbury on Jue 30, the trio will be at Supernormal Festival on August 2 and Hastings Blackmarket Bar on August 24.

A week before their self titled album comes out, The Utopia Strong will play at London Oslo on September 5.