The Philomena star fell victim to the floods, which have devastated northern regions of the U.K. over the past few days, during a trip to Cumbria, England.

The region suffered heavy flooding due to Storm Desmond, and Coogan's vehicle got stuck during a late night drive near Thirlmere lake.

He had to spent the night in the car with his dog before being rescued the next day.

"I went down the back of Thirlmere lake and got stuck on a landslide there," he tells U.K. TV show BBC Breakfast. "I was trying to drive past it in this four wheel drive because the other roads were blocked. And I got stuck at midnight and there was no signal on my phone and I had to spend the night there. Fortunately I had my dog with me, so he kept me company... I'd been to the shops, so I survived Bear Grylls-style on nuts and berries - but I bought them at (U.K. store) Marks and Spencer."

A friend came to help him the following morning, but the rescue nearly ended in a double disaster when the second car also became stuck.

"We had to dig him (his car) out, and then he tied a rope around my car and pulled me out, and then we escaped," Steve adds.

Thousands of residents in the north of England were evacuated from their homes due to severe flooding caused by the storm, which also knocked out electricity grids and crippled rail services.

Many have been left homeless just weeks before Christmas, and Queen Elizabeth II has since sent a message of condolence to the victims. A charity campaign has also been set up to raise money for those affected by the floods.