Steve Coogan still enjoys impersonating James Bond.

The 'Philomena' actor, who spoofed 007 in his 2011 movie 'The Trip,' provided some light entertainment for his co-stars, including Dame Judi Dench, on the set of the new drama by imitating the suave secret agent between scenes.

Speaking at a special screening of the film at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square for the 57th annual BFI London Film Festival on Wednesday night (16.10.13), the 48-year-old comedian exclusively told BANG Showbiz that he made sure there were plenty of funny moments on the set.

He said: ''I just did a lot of impersonations in the car, I did all the James Bonds''.

Steve, who plays a weary political journalist in the movie, who covers the story of a woman's search for her son decades after he was taken from her and was she forced to live in a convent, didn't find it difficult to play a more serious character.

He said: ''In some ways it's easier playing a real person because you can use the fact that they've lived - they've done the research for you.''

Meanwhile, director Stephen Frears joked he is tired of working with Dame Judi.

He said: ''It's actually the fourth film I've done with her, so we're sick of the sight of each other! It's when you haven't got these great actresses that you're in trouble.

''For some reason there's this generation Judi [Dench], Helen [Mirren], Vanessa [Redgrave], Maggie Smith, I don't know why but they're sort of magnificent. They know their jobs very well.''