British funnyman Steve Coogan has confirmed his comedy alter-ego ALAN PARTRIDGE will hit the big screen - just so long as a planned US TV series isn't misunderstood.

Coogan shot to fame as fictional radio DJ Partridge in his native UK in sitcoms KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE and I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE, and the enduring popularity of the character has led studio bosses to consider filming a movie.

But first Coogan needs to prove Partridge's unique brand of humour translates to a rural American audience.

He says, "I'm very keen to put Alan on the big screen. A film has been in the pipeline for a very long time, so if he goes down well in the States, then it's time for the green button to be pressed on the movie."

Regarding the US TV series, Coogan says, "It's local radio, local papers, local news bulletins in the rural areas.

"They all have a local 'duelling banjos' vibe to them. And the local DJs there have a very specific style. They all have such a small world view. Alan would fit in perfectly.

"Just as long as they realise Alan is a comic character and not some Brit upstart who's come over to their country and landed a job on one of their channels."

01/06/2005 17:33