Steve Coogan aka Alan Partridge has been confirmed to star in a new Partridge movie by writer Armando Iannucci. Not only this, but it will be directed by BAFTA winning sitcom Father Ted director DECLAN LOWNEY.

Iannucci told Empire Magazine, "[The script] is written [but] we're always rewriting, rewriting and rewriting." He says the movie will be filmed later in the year with currently only the working title of 'The Alan Partridge Movie'.

The 46-year-old comedic actor first collaborated with Iannucci on the Radio 4 show On the Hour along with Chris Morris (director of 2010 film Four Lions). It was this show on which Coogan created the character of ALAN PARTRIDGE and soon rose to popularity with the British Comedy Award and Bafta winning sitcom I Am Alan Partridge in 1997.

Although Iannucci's announcement will rouse excitement in every Partridge fan, it is a surprise nonetheless! In 2005, the writer expressed concern in Coogan's wish to bring back the prudish radio presenter saying, "My personal view is that I've taken him as far as he can go and I'd rather leave him where he is - having a nervous breakdown in a bath in Dundee. But it's up to Steve what he wants to do with it and I wish him well."