Funnyman Steve Coogan has the Monty Python'S FLYING CIRCUS troupe to thanks for getting him hooked on zany comedy - because he was his family's human video recorder as a child.
The actor/comedian was a big fan of the cult show in the days before the VCR and he had to memorise skits and sketches so he could reenact them for family friends.
The Tropic Thunder star explains, "You couldn't replay it... My mum might be talking to a friend and she'd say, 'Did you see that...? Steve, do it, do what was on the show last night.'
"So I would just be a video recorder; I'd just try and replicate what I had seen."
And he became a Monty Python perfectionist: "I'd get angry if I saw people trying to describe what was in the show, and getting it wrong."