Steve Carell believes the world ''needs to see'' lighthearted movies.

The 54-year-old actor - who is largely known for appearing in comedy features - has said that in the current political climate where many people are concerned about the state of the world around them, there is a definite place for movies that ''express the decency of human behaviour''.

He said: '''What is an audience looking for?' is a different question than 'What does an audience need to see?' For me as an actor, I'm tending to go towards things that are lacking cynicism and have a point of view and potentially a joy to them. Not necessarily a happy ending, but something that expresses decency of human behaviour. Those are the kinds of things that reflect where I am.''

And the 'Despicable Me' star also believes the world needs ''outright silliness'' within it's comedy movies, and claims the upcoming third instalment of the animated movie series provides just that.

He added to Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''There's a place for outright silliness right now, which 'Despicable Me 3' is a perfect example of.''

Meanwhile, last year, the star joked that he hoped to win his wife Nancy's ''love'' if he picked up the Golden Globe for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) for his portrayal of Mark Baum in 'The Big Short' - an award which eventually went to Matt Damon for 'The Martian'.

He said at the time: ''[If I win, I] might finally gain my wife's love and approval.''

Whilst Nancy joked back: ''Well you already won one, so that was good for 10 years. But it's worn off.''