Steve Carell insists he is an ''everyman'' star and he still does his own shopping at the supermarket.

The comic actor - who appears opposite Keira Knightley in new movie 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' - doesn't let his fame stop him from doing normal things and insists he doesn't need a personal assistant to help him live his life.

He revealed: ''Listen, I'm everyman. I take the garbage out. Roll bins to the curb. Separate recyclables. No personal assistant. It's what I know to do, and I do it.

''I go to the supermarket. We were out of nonfat vanilla Coffee-mate, so I ran in, and people say hello to me. Some guy pushing a cart nods to me and says, 'Nice.' ''

Steve is married to actress Nancy Walls and the couple have two children, Annie, 11, and John, 8, and he admits his priorities in life shifted when he became a dad.

The 49-year-old funnyman's decision to quit his lead role as Michael Scott in 'The Office' after seven seasons was influenced by his desire to see more of his children.

When asked why he walked away from the series in an interview with the New York Post newspaper, he said: ''I needed more time with my family. It sounds cliché, but it's true. Seven years I was gone all day, every day. My kids are 8 and 11, they are only little for a finite time. They were here, and I wasn't, so it was time to leave. I do sliding ponds, vacations, Disney World with them. Life's Too Short not to. Every morning I take them to school. I truly love it. I love them. I love my wife, Nancy.

''You know what? Career's luck. Right place, right time. I never lose sight of being fortunate.''