Funnyman Steve Carell recently allowed his children to watch Anchorman for the first time, but insists they will have to wait a while before watching his raunchier comedy roles.

The comic's kids Annie, 12, and Johnny, nine, "really loved" his hapless newscaster character Brick in 2004's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but he has banned them from seeing his more adult films like The 40 Year Old Virgin.

He tells U.K. talk show Daybreak, "They just saw Anchorman a couple of months ago, they really loved it. It's hard to decipher when they're ready for something that's more adult in nature. They're only nine and 12 so I think we're going to wait for some of the other things."

However, Carell admits voicing super-villain Gru in the family friendly Despicable Me movies has made him a hero at home.

He explains, "It's kind of a cool dad thing. When they have friends over, they say, 'Dad, do the voice! Do the voice for our friends!' (I say,) 'Hi guys, what's going on? Come in!' It's a very easy way to impress the kids' friends. As soon as you start to try to converse with them about the music they like, or dance the way they're dancing, you are immediately not cool at all. Just as long as you're a dad, I think that's the coolest."