Steve Carell's animated character in the Despicable Me movies has provided him with the perfect party trick - he thrills kids by chatting to them as dastardly mastermind Gru.

The funnyman recently dressed up as his character for an interview on Ellen DeGeneres' U.S. Tv show and he admits he loves putting on his Eastern European accent to wow friends' children.

Carel tells Wenn, "It is the best party trick for friends of my kids. They love it. But my kids might be getting sick of it at this point."

And he loved appearing as Gru on DeGeneres' show: "I figured I want to do it once. I want to go on a talk show and just be interviewed as the character and not wink about it and not try to get me to break character. They designed an outfit that was an exact match for one I wear in the movie. I had a bald cap and a big round face and this long nose.

"One of Ellen's staff's daughters, who was about five or six, was there and when I went out she said, 'Mommy, see this guy is real. I told you this guy is real!' So she brought her back to the dressing room afterwards and I hadn't taken off any of my make-up or costume and she was shy but she wasn't scared.

"I played the whole thing out with her (in Gru's voice): 'Oh, what's your name? Hello Stacy. Very nice to meet you!' And she thought she was talking to this guy and it was really sweet."