Funnyman Steve Carell's efforts to be as authentic as possible in hit summer (05) movie THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN cost him his sex life at home.

His wife couldn't bear to look at him naked after he had a patch of his hairy chest ripped off in the film - and insisted he wear a T-shirt at all times.

He recalls, "The night I got home, my wife took a look at that and said, 'I think you may have to leave your T-shirt on for a while."

And Carell really suffered for his art - he insisted on having a non-professional rip off his chest hair in the hilarious scene, so that his reaction would be as authentic as possible.

He recalls, "All of the women on the set were giving me advice and trying to talk me out of it because they knew what was going to happen: 'Are you sure you don't want to trim your hair down a little bit?'

"You can actually see blood pooling on my chest from one of the close-ups. The actress who did it wasn't a professional; she was a part-time waxer."