Actor Steve Buscemi will no longer be ridiculed for the odd contents of his trash can - a bizarre online blog detailing the star's waste has been taken down.
The website posts, titled What's on Steve Buscemi's Stoop, was launched by Brooklyn, New York resident Elliot Larkfield in 2009 after he walked past Buscemi's family home in the Park Slope neighbourhood and noticed a doll's head hanging off a fence.
He decided to take photos on his camera phone and upload them to the blog, which soon became a quirky read for locals and fans of the Boardwalk Empire star. Larkfield continued to snap pictures of the tossed belongings, including old cassettes, mugs and a basketball cap with a fake ponytail attached to it.
But he agreed to shut down the website after he was approached by Buscemi's son, Lucian.
In his final blog post, he writes, "I don't want to be slinking around the neighbourhood taking pictures in defiance of the Buscemi family's wishes."
And the actor's wife, artist Jo Andres, hopes the blog's closure will discourage fans from crowding their quiet neighbourhood to inspect their trash for themselves.
She tells the New York Post, "We have been good neighbours for 20 years and now we have been inundated (with fans). We'd like respect and consideration and would like to be left alone."