Hollywood producer Steve Bing's offer to buy WARNER BROS' share of THE POLAR EXPRESS was turned down by the studio, despite the animated tale's disappointing box-office figures.

Bing, the father of Elizabeth Hurley's son DAMIAN, and Warner Bros were hoping the Christmas story about a boy journeying to visit SANTA CLAUS would knock The Incredibles off the top of the US box-office last weekend (13-14NOV04).

Instead, The Polar Express entered at number two with takings of $23.5 million (GBP13 million), way behind the Pixar hit's $51 million (GBP28.3 million) weekend ticket sales.

According to American gossip site PAGESIX.COM, Bing made Warner Bros an offer as the first box-office figures came in, which the studio declined.

A spokeswoman for the Polar Express says, "Remember, The Wizard of Oz wasn't big box-office when it opened. And you could re-release it every Christmas season from now until forever."

Bing poured $85 million (GBP47.2 million) of his $600 million (GBP333 million) inheritance into the film, which features the voiceover talents of TOM HANKS.

18/11/2004 17:38