Steve Aoki is always ''yearning'' for ''appreciation''.

The 'Are You Lonely' hitmaker feels it is more important to want to have the appreciation from his fans rather than money in his bank account.

He told Forbes magazine: ''As long as my train is moving and the momentum is going, I'm good. And because I know that, I don't stop. Because the second I do this and I'm like, 'I'm just going to chill,' someone else is going to jump on my train and start driving. At the end of the day, besides having whatever I have in the bank or whatever great investments I've worked, the things I create and that I offer to people, that is where I feel the most appreciation about my purpose of life. I want to have the appreciation. I'm always yearning for it.''

Meanwhile, Steve previously admitted he wasn't ''supposed'' to become an EDM superstar.

He said: ''This whole arena-filling DJ, electronic musical thing wasn't supposed to happen. Not at all. I grew up in Miami but moved to Newport Beach, then enrolled at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I was a straight edge, vegan punk and a committed activist. I took women's studies and sociology and went on demos, playing guitar in basements to 20 people. I wanted to change things. I've encountered my fair share of prejudice and racism on my way through life and addressing those injustices has long been a passion. Listen, I get it - it's harder to do that when stood in front on 10,000 people in a club who just want to get their rocks off. But I keep it in mind.''