Steve Aoki once blew $3,500 on a gaming app.

The 'Delirious' hitmaker was forced to delete the mobile phone software after he developed an obsession with the in-app purchase game and kept splashing the cash without realising how much he'd lost.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Isle of MTV Malta on Tuesday (28.06.16), he said: ''I kind of quit games because I spent like $1500 on a free game and before that I spent like $2000. It's just like all thoughts go out of my brain. It's like a drug. I don't want to promote a drug. I just couldn't stop playing. They're horrible. Now I just use [the photo-sharing app] Snapchat.''

And games aren't the only obsession the 38-year-old record producer has as he also has an extreme love for cake and regularly smashes his fans in the face with the gooey desert.

And the Isle of MTV Malta was no different for the talented DJ as he pelted the audience with 10 large cakes in celebration of the event's 10th birthday celebrations on Tuesday evening (30.06.16).

However, Steve has a strict criteria when it comes to memorable stunt.

He said: ''It's a six page rider on just the cakes. It's really important. There's stuff on the flavour because it's gonna be smashed in your face so you don't want it to be a British cake because that's absolutely the wrong type of cake. The British cakes are like bricks. First of all they need to be really spongy and soft and gooey and colourful. It's not quite as long as my rider. My rider is 13 pages.''

Isle of MTV Malta will hit screens on MTV Music on August 6, 2016, at 9pm.