Steve Aoki has released a remix of his two songs with Linkin Park called 'Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds' in memory of Chester Bennington.

The EDM superstar is still feeling ''shattered'' after the US rock band's frontman tragically died of suicide in July at the age of 41, and in his honour he has combined the two tracks he did with them in 2015, 'Darker Than Blood' and 'The Light That Never Comes'.

Announcing the remix on Twitter, he wrote: ''I feel so incredibly honored to not only have worked with him on these two songs, but am so deeply touched to have gotten to know him as a friend. (sic)''

All money made from the single will go to Music For Relief's One More Light fund, the charity co-founded by Chester and the members of Linkin Park.

The 'Just Hold On' hitmaker has also posted a lengthy note about in tribute to his close friend hailing him a ''beautiful human being'' who helped many others suffering from pain to express their emotions.

Steve also asked for fans of the 'Numb' singer to carry on belting out Chester's lyrics ''f***ing loud''.

He added to Instagram: ''I'm still shattered by this tragic loss. It's hard to realize that he is not coming back. Chester was such an invaluable human being that bled out the pain and passion through Linkin Park, touching so many peoples lives.

''He helped so many people that have felt these similar feelings around the world scream out and feel like they are not alone. Life can be incredibly trying and tough. Nothing can bring more consolation than knowing that there are others going through this same pain.

''Chester was such a beautiful human being. I will never forget our conversations and moments shared together in the studio, on the stage, and in life. We now have Chester in our hearts and minds forever.

''Keep his inspiration and passion alive and play Linkin Park f**king loud. Scream the lyrics f**king loud. Live in these moments f**king loud. I miss you dear friend. You are in our hearts and minds forever. Chester Forever. (sic)''

To donate to Music For Relief's One More Light fund follow: