Steve Aoki has been including Linkin Park songs in his set to help him deal with Chester Bennington's death.

The EDM star and the late 'Numb' hitmaker were very close and had even collaborated on music together, including the 2015 track 'Darker Than Blood'.

'Just Hold On' hitmaker Steve has been finding it hard to come to terms with the loss of the rock star, who died from suicide last month at the age of 41, but says hearing his voice makes him remember the good times they shared and keeps his memory alive.

The 39-year-old producer told The Sun Online: ''It's really tough, but it's really good for me to play their music in my sets. To hear his voice and play our songs, we did a few songs together. First of all its acceptance, right. It's accepting he did actually pass away. That's a very strange thought because it's so tragic and I didn't expect it.

''I play his songs in my set every night. You want to remember everything and you want to share those memories.

''What we did together was so beautiful. I want to share that even more now. I'm so proud of doing something with, to me, one of the greatest singers of all time.

''He's my favourite singer. The crowd are singing every word, in the moment, it's amazing.''

At the time of his passing, Steve hailed Chester his ''hero''.

He wrote on Instagram: My dear dear friend I'm so broken from this loss. A dream come true to work with you talk with you learn from you. You are a legend. You are my hero. You are the GOAT an absolute beautiful human being and I'm so honored to have experienced those moments with you. Forever in my heart my brother. (sic)''