Steve Aoki has invested £200,000 towards being frozen in the hope he can still be making music in the next 150 years.

The 39-year-old EDM superstar is putting all of his faith in Alcor Life Extension Foundation - the world's leading cryonics organisation - and their work in finding a way to preserve bodies for decades until a future medical technology can restore that person to full health.

He said: ''When you die there's a limited number of ways you can be brought back to life.

''You can be buried or cremated.

''I just decided this way I can be frozen at the same degenerated state until there's a way to bring me back.

''I'm assuming we are going to get there - why not?

Because people pass away and sometimes they get revived like after 30 seconds and come back alive.

''After 150 years, it's the same process, but hopefully my body isn't so bad it's impossible.''

The 'Just Hold On' hitmaker plans on bringing his family with him into the deep freeze.

Asked who he'd like by his side, he told the Daily Star newspaper: ''My mum, sister, brothers - my dad passed away sadly, so not him.''

In the meantime, Steve recently revealed he's been in the studio with Bella Thorne.

The producer - who has paired up with the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy in the past - shared photos of himself with the 19-year-old actress-and-singer on Twitter, and suggested a collaboration between them on an upcoming record.

He captioned the post: ''Back in the #dimmakstudio w/ @bellathorne working on a [hot] new record. (sic)''

The 'Perfect High' star has released a handful of singles but is yet to make a huge impact on the music charts.

In 2012, she released her debut album 'Made in Japan', and followed it up two years later with 'Jersey', with the single 'Call It Whatever' breaking into the Top 10 of the US Dance charts.