Steve Aoki has released an English version of his hit 'Play it Cool' with K-Pop stars Monsta X.

The EDM superstar dropped the Korean version, which he composed, arranged and produced, last month, and felt it deserved to be heard all around the globe.

The single, which is about redefining ''what love and relationships look like'' in modern times, is the 'Just Hold On' hitmaker's fourth K-pop collaboration.

Aoki - who had a hit with 'Waste It On Me' with Korean superstars BTS - said: ''Monsta X is one of those powerhouse groups that sets the bar very high.

''Their voices stay with you long after the song is over, and on this track they sang so profoundly that all we had to do was focus on the story we were telling.

''I really believe in today's world that we have redefined what love and relationships look like, so I think that this song is one that many people can relate to.''

Monsta - who head out on a headline world tour in April - said it was an ''honour'' to work with Aoki and they can't wait to see how the English-speaking world interprets the profound song.

They commented: ''It was such an honour to work with Steve Aoki.

''He is truly an amazing artist and producer.

''We love how 'Play It Cool' turned out at the end so much that we included it in our recent album - 'Take.2 We Are Here.'

''After the great success of the Korean version, we can't wait to see the responses to the English version from all over the world. This collab is a gift from us to our 'monbebe' , for always taking care of us and keeping it cool. Thank you.''

Meanwhile, Monsta will become the first K-Pop group to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on September 21.

'Play it Cool' is out now on all major streaming services.