Steve Aoki will headline Disneyland Paris' new electronic dance music festival called Electroland.

The EDM superstar - who recently teamed up with Louis Tomlinson on his debut solo single 'Just Hold On' - will be joined by Australian duo NERVO and local DJs Michael Calfan and Richard Orlinski at the one-day event held at the theme park in the French capital on July 8.

Those lucky enough to nab a ticket will also have access to the amusement attraction's rides.

Attendees will also get to witness LED screens, projection mapping onto The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride.

There also promises to be some very special guests and magical immersive features.

Disneyland had better make sure they are ready for Aoki's six page rider detailing the types of cakes he wants when he performs.

The 'Delirious' hitmaker previously pelted the crowd with the treats when he performed 'Cakeface' to an excited audience at Isle of MTV's 10th birthday celebrations in Malta last June, where he revealed he has certain criteria about which tasty desserts he needs.

At the time, he told BANG Showbiz: ''It's a six page rider on just the cakes. It's really important. There's stuff on the flavour because it's gonna be smashed in your face so you don't want it to be a British cake because that's absolutely the wrong type of cake. The British cakes are like bricks.

''First of all they need to be really spongy and soft and gooey and colourful. It's not quite as long as my rider. My rider is 13 pages.''

Meanwhile, Steve previously revealed he thinks there is still a lot to accomplish in the world of electronic music.

He said: ''In America, as far as commercial radio is concerned, it's [EDM] not dominating. Maybe one or two songs will come and really dominate, like a Calvin Harris song, an Avicii song, this Major Lazer song ['Lean On'], which has been a number one song ... But it's very rare. I still feel like there's a long way for us to go.

''At the end of the day pop is called pop, it's popular. So when people write that kind of music, it's always going to be the dominant kind of music in the commercial space.''

Tickets and more information can be found here