Stereophonics will release a new album in two parts.

The 'Traffic' hitmakers have been working in the studio and have enough material for two records, so are planning to bring out the songs at two different times.

Frontman Kelly Jones said: ''We've been making a new album. We've ended up doing two albums. We're going to release volume one and volume two over the course of 18 months, we're going to start releasing a few tracks in October but the album about February I think. So we go on tour again in December and then we'll be out and about for about two years on and off.''

Later this summer, Stereophonics will join Snow Patrol, Paolo Nutini and Duran Duran at a special London show to mark the opening of the Olympics and Kelly can't wait to take to the stage at BT London Live.

He said: ''It's nice to be asked to do it and we've been in the studio for most of the year. So it's going to be just nice to get out and do a gig. I haven't really thought about the scale of it but everybody keeps coming up to me and saying it's this big huge gig, so on the night it'll probably be something to think about, but until then I'll just keep it in the back pocket.''