Stereophonics felt comfortable taking a risk on their new album.

The 'Maybe Tomorrow' hitmakers are set to release their eighth record, 'Graffiti on the Train' - which ties into a film script written by frontman Kelly Jones - and the band feel confident trying something new after 20 years of success in the music business.

Kelly told The Sun newspaper: ''The greatest hits album gave us confidence to realise the band's name was out there and our catalogue was strong. To go off and try something different was OK. But everything's been received well so far.''

The 38-year-old rocker hopes to make his proposed movie and release two more albums relating to its story in coming years, after recording 30 tracks for 'Graffiti on the Train', only 10 of which appear on the band's new record.

He explained: ''I studied film at college and I've always wanted to try to combine the visual with the music a lot more than we've been able to. These days, people mostly listen to music via the internet and it usually comes with a visual element on YouTube.

''I started writing the script and I was making the music at the same time, so they kind of bounced off each other and bled into each other.

''We recorded 30 songs and we'd love to release two more albums around this. There'll probably be a second ten songs after this and, hopefully, the film will go into production. In five years, it will all make sense as one big picture.''

'Graffiti on the Train' is out on Monday (04.03.13).