Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones' favourite rock 'n' roll moment happened while touring America - when the band enjoyed an epic road-trip before realising they'd left one of their crew stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The HAVE A NICE DAY rockers were determined to see US landmark Mount Rushmore in South Dakota that in their excitement

they failed to ensure everyone was present and correct before setting off into the desert.

Jones recalls, "We had a great moment when we went to Mount Rushmore in the middle of a US tour and stopped to look at the presidents' heads carved out of the rocks.

"We had a cup of coffee, got back on the bus, drove for four hours through the desert, watched the whole of (three hour Oliver Stone movie) JFK and then realised we'd left out bass technician there.

"We had to turn round - which took us another four hours - and he was standing in a truck stop with no T-shirt on. That was pretty Spinal Tap."

27/05/2005 17:37