Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones is thrilled with new drummer JAVIER WEYLER - and has no regrets about firing previous percussionist STUART CABLE for "commitment" issues in 2003.

HAVE A NICE DAY rocker Jones not only prefers the way Weyler plays, but he maintains Weyler's attitude is better than Cable's, who he now views as an estranged wife.

Jones says, "Changing any member of a band creates a different dynamic. And it's not just musically, it's personality and attitude.

"Javier is a very positive, happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and the way he plays is pretty magnificent too, as it's all good at the moment.

"I've been mates with Stuart for 25 years, and this is just a very different thing. It's like changing girlfriend or something, or having a second wife."

27/05/2005 19:51