Fired Stereophonics drummer STUART CABLE hid from the band's frontman KELLY JONES to avoid bumping into him at a gig on Saturday (22JAN05).

Cable was sacked from the Welsh band in September 2003 over "commitment" issues and was replaced by Argentine JAVIER WEYLER.

As Cable was interviewing stars for BBC WALES at the TSUNAMI RELIEF CARDIFF concert in Cardiff, Wales, he was horrified when Jones entered backstage.

An onlooker says, "Stuart had been happily carrying out his duties but cleared off the moment Kelly came into sight. He'd been around all day, then just vanished.

"You would have though they could put their difference aside as it was for a good cause. But instead it looked like Stuart's shift had conveniently ended at the same moment Kelly came through."

The concert, featuring performances from Eric Clapton, MANIC STREET PREACHERS and Charlotte Church raised over $1.9 million (GBP1 million) for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

24/01/2005 13:56