Sacked Stereophonics drummer STUART CABLE is still bitter over his split from the band - eight months after he was thrown out.

The corkscrew-haired sticksman was asked to leave the HAVE A NICE DAY band in September (03) for what lead singer Kelly Jones called "commitment issues".

He has since scored a new job presenting a rock show - CABLE ROCK - on Welsh radio station BBC RADIO WALES, but he's still angry with the rockers.

Speaking for the first time since his sacking, Cable says, "Kelly has said a lot of things in the press and I haven't said a thing. I've looked at some of the things Kelly's said in the papers since the split and thought, 'How can he say that, hand on heart?'.

"And that pisses me off. He said he loves me like a brother. Well, I wouldn't treat a brother the way I got treated.

He also attacks Jones - his onetime close friend - adding, "You'll never change Kelly. He doesn't compromise, he doesn't delegate, you do it the Kelly Jones way or not at all.

"We'd go for ages being best friends then not speak for months. We were friends since childhood but you drift apart, people's lives change."

28/04/2004 01:57