Review of Set It Off Single by Stereo Mcs

Stereo Mcs

Stereo Mcs Set It Off Single

Set It Off
(23/01/06 Graffiti Records)
Single Review

A slow and funky vibe is given off by the Radio Edit of this Nottingham formed duo; Stereo MCS' urban growler. Lush female backing cushions the ardent, stammering vocals of Rob Birch, as he bellows out a strident message about positive thinking;

"Take the pressure, take the pain; it's the only way you're coming round again.
Set it off, set it up, set it off."

A Cavemen Remix of the single gives it a jangling jungle vibe initially, before going on to provide a thumping drum n' bass tilt to the malleable offering. Then, with some digital mastery by way of fuzzy accompaniments and vocals the track sounds quite futuristic. The album version puts an R N B spice to 'Set It Off', by way of some soulful female backing and the slower vocals of Birch. This prolific pair continues to twist and turn out provocative and well produced offerings.

David Adair

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