Steps star Ian 'h' Watkins was bombarded with online abuse after he was mistaken for sex-shame rocker Ian Watkins this week (beg25Nov13).

The Lostprophets frontman appeared in court on Tuesday (26Nov13) and left fans stunned when he pleaded guilty to a number of sickening offences, including attempting to rape a baby.

However, outraged members of the public confused him with the Steps singer of the same name, and began posting messages of disgust and anger on the pop star's social media pages.

One user wrote, "Dirty vile scum (you) need to be shot after what you did to them (sic) kids, and to think of all the parents that trusted you!!" and another added, "I hope H is locked up for a long time for his crimes."

The pop star later took to his own Facebook page to try and clear up the confusion, writing, "This is the 'Official Ian H Watkins' website. Better known as H from Steps. H is in No Way related with the news about the singer from Lostprophets! Please don't post any comments about the news here because they will be deleted. Thank you!"