Joni Mitchell is set to sign with the Starbucks' record label Hear Music to release her new album in the autumn.

The musician will follow in the footSteps of Sir Paul McCartney, who released his latest album Memory Almost Full with the coffee shop chain.

The former Beatle's album performed well in the charts and was sold in every Starbucks store.

Mitchell will release her new LP, Shine, on the label, marking her first recording output since 1998.

She has worked with the label before on compilation CDs and collections, but her own material boosts the newcomer's reputation even further.

Mitchell's debut album was recorded in 1968 after she moved to New York City to get in with the arty movement in the Chelsea district.

She won her first Grammy award in 1970 for her 1969 album Clouds and her career never looked back.

In 1995 Billboard awarded her the Century Award, previously given to George Harrison and Billy Joel.

Finally in 1997 she was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with the Bee Gees and the Jackson Five.

25/07/2007 12:51:51